Meet the Team

Nelli Abrahamyan

Nelli Abrahamyan, RDH

Dental Hygienist

Nelli is our beloved dental hygienist at Viva Smile. She's been a part of Dr. Hovsepyan's team for 6 years. Here are a few fun facts about Nelli:

Nelli Abrahamyan was born in Armenia. She moved to the USA with zero English at the age of 17, went to Pasadena City College right away and got into the USC School of Dentistry hygiene program shortly after.

She’s a proud Trojan and she’s been working with our team for 6 years now!

A fun little fact about Nelli is that she did gymnastics for over 6 years.

In the future, she sees herself traveling more with family to create unforgettable memories.

She hopes for advancements in dental technology so she may treat her patients with soundless instruments and incorporate Botox into her practice.

Joey Marisal

Joey Mariscal

Front Office Coordinator

We're thrilled Joey joined the Viva Smile team this year as our front office coordinator and so much more! Here are a few fun facts about Joey:

Johanna Mariscal, aka Joey, was raised in Georgia and moved to Los Angeles in 2007.

Moving here exposed her to many cultures, career options and amazing people that made her 20’s full of fun and adventure.

A fun fact about Johanna is that she did CrossFit for 5 years and was in a dance team.

She’s very family oriented and loves to spend quality time with her friends and loved ones.

Johanna is continuing her education in the medical field to become a respiratory therapist. She’s also interested in being a Dental Hygienist sometime in the near future.

One day, she hopes to be an educator in the field of dentistry.

Danilela Marquez

Daniela Marquez

Dental Assistant

Dani is the life of the office with her fun personality and hard working attitude. Here are a few fun facts about Dani:

Daniela Maquez was born in Los Angeles and raised in Mexico.

She has amazing memories of her childhood in Pachuca, Hidalgo where she got to run free, ride horses and help her dad with their dairy business.

Daniela’s been Dr. Gohar’s Dental Assistant for almost 13 years!

A fun fact about Dani is her love of adrenaline - which makes sense because being a dental assistant is no joke.

She knows how to keep a balance between work and leisure. In her time off, she loves to spend time with family and friends and explore the trendiest restaurants in town.

At some point, Daniela would love to move back to Mexico to enjoy quality time with her family and to share her skills with dental professionals in her hometown.