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Dental Hygiene Appointments for the Whole Family

Dental Hygienist Nelli at Viva Smile

Meet Our Hygienist Nelli

A USC Graduate with the highest level of training you can get, Nelli has been with us for over 6 years! She's one of the most valued members at Viva Smile. We love her and our patients love her more.

We love clean teeth! And we strive to make every experience an amazing one.

At Viva Smile, clean teeth are the gateway to good oral health, and we place a high priority on delivering thorough dental cleanings. Guided by the expertise of Dr. Hovsepyan and our wonderful dental hygienist Nelli, our Van Nuys team is dedicated to ensuring that every cleaning appointment is an overall amazing experience.

We cater to patients of all ages, making it a convenient choice for family dental care. Our goal is to create a comfortable atmosphere where you not only receive a meticulous cleaning but also feel at ease throughout the process.

At Viva Smile, we aim to empower you with knowledge about your dental health in a friendly and non-judgmental environment. Your trust in us for your dental care needs is valued, and we strive to exceed your expectations, making every visit a step towards a healthier, brighter smile.

Nelli Abrahamyan, RDH

What Makes Our Dental Hygiene Experience A Patient Favorite?

1. Experience Complete Comfort

Your comfort is our utmost priority at Viva Smile. From the moment you step into our tranquil Van Nuys dental office, you’ll feel a sense of ease. Dr. Hovsepyan and her team create a relaxed environment where your dental cleaning is a comfortable experience. Our gentle approach ensures each patient feels at ease throughout their appointment.

2. Nothing Escapes Our Highly-Trained Eye

At Viva Smile, thoroughness is not just a process, but a promise. Our team is dedicated to providing a meticulous dental cleaning that addresses every nook and cranny of your oral landscape. Our thorough dental exams, scaling, and polishing ensure a clean that you can feel and see.

3. We Love Our Job

At our practice, we don’t just work together - we do life together. We share homecooked meals, celebrate birthdays, and form meaningful relationships. This means we’ve developed a culture of not only doing the highest quality of work, but enjoying it while we do it. This amazing work culture brings joy and accountability to the workplace, which results in a deep pride in serving our patients and performing the highest quality work.

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What to Expect At your Van Nuys Teeth Cleaning

Dental Hygienist Holding Teeth

We are committed to ensuring your Van Nuys dental cleaning appointment is smooth, quick, and painless. Here’s what you can expect at your visit:

Dental Exam: First, our skilled hygienist will complete a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and mouth to identify any potential concerns like cavities or gum disease. We can also explore any cosmetic dentistry options that would be a good fit.

Scaling: Utilizing specialized instruments, plaque and tartar are meticulously removed from above and below your gum line.

Polishing: Using a specially formulated gritty toothpaste, we gently buff away any residual stains, leaving your teeth feeling incredibly smooth and looking visibly brighter.

Flossing: We employ precise flossing techniques to remove lingering debris between your teeth, promoting a healthier gum line and preventing potential gum disease.

Rinsing: A final rinse washes away any residual debris, leaving your mouth feeling impeccably clean and invigorated.

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