What Kind of Teeth Need Braces?

What Kind of Teeth Need Braces?

Did you know that the alignment of your teeth stands out more than most other facial characteristics?

Research suggests that a memorable smile is one that is straight and bright. If these are not words that describe your smile, we should talk. Several options in orthodontics are available in our Van Nuys office, and we are happy to discuss them with you.

Aside from the cosmetic improvements that can be gained by wearing the appropriate orthodontic device, there are also functional reasons that braces may be needed.

So while we provide care for turned teeth and slight misalignment, we can also help patients whose:

  • Upper teeth overlap the lower teeth at the front of the mouth.
  • Upper teeth protrude forward.
  • Lower front teeth sit in front of the upper teeth.
  • Front upper and lower teeth do not come together or overlap slightly when arches close.
  • Teeth are overlapped or crowded.
  • Teeth are worn down excessively.

The way teeth fit together is essential not only for an attractive aesthetic but also for oral health. Crowding and overlapping, as well as extensive spacing, creates the prime environment for plaque and tartar buildup. When a biofilm containing food debris and bacteria adheres to teeth at the gum line, the risk of inflammation and infection (gum disease) rises substantially. So straightening your teeth is only partially about the appearance of your smile, and is even more connected to the overall health of your smile and your body.

Options for Orthodontics in Van Nuys

Viva Smile is all about options. We know that every patient has individual needs, and we have obtained the comprehensive training that enables us to formulate the right treatment plan for each person. Visit us to discuss a treatment plan using:


Conventional braces don't get enough love! This approach to alignment correction works, and it works relatively quickly. The value of braces is that this method can address more significant concerns such as significant overbite.


The Invisalign aligner method is one of the most popular treatment options for adults wanting to correct mild to moderate misalignment. The clear, discreet aligners consistently encourage movement of front and back teeth into the proper position.

Conventional braces and Invisalign are just two of several viable options available today. We also provide treatment with Inman aligners, which focus on front teeth, and the Carriere® Motion Appliance, which corrects the alignment of posterior teeth.

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