Want Straighter Teeth? Let's Talk about Inman Aligners!

Want Straighter Teeth? Let's Talk about Inman Aligners!

No two sets of teeth are the same. This is why we offer options in orthodontics to patients of our comfortable Van Nuys office. In addition to conventional braces and Invisalign, we have also obtained training to provide treatment with Inman Aligners, and this option is suitable for many of our patients. For instance, patients who had completed previous orthodontic treatment, but have experienced a relapse of misalignment, often get great results with this approach. Another way in which Inman aligners may be used is as a pre-treatment to veneers in order to perfect the fit of the ultra-thin sheaths.

What's Different about this Treatment?

The Inman Aligner method differs from braces in that there are no brackets. It differs from Invisalign in that there are no full trays. Essentially, the fixture looks like a retainer. The power lies in the coil springs that create opposing force on the front teeth that need to move. The consistent pressure of this force, pushing both forward and backward simultaneously, moves teeth faster without creating unpleasant discomfort.

Benefits of Inman Aligner Orthodontics from your Van Nuys Dentist

For you to commit to any course of treatment, you need to know its value. The reason why patients choose the Inman Aligner method is because they want fast results. The average length of time for treatment is 12 weeks. Some patients get their desired result in as little as 6 weeks, and other cases take up to 18 weeks. Thanks to the ease of use of this system, even longer cases are a breeze.

What to Expect When Getting Inman Aligner?

After a thorough exam and consultation, we discuss the goals you wish to achieve to see if this system is right for you. If you have the desire to correct crowding or protrusion of front teeth, we may move forward with the impressions needed to create your aligners. The final fixtures are ready for wear within a few weeks. Keeping aligners in for 16-20 hours a day is necessary. They can be removed for brushing and flossing, and for meals. Every 2 to 3 weeks, we will conduct a quick progress check in the office.

Does Your Smile Need Straightening?

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