Root Canal Therapy

dentist describes root canal therapy and when it is required

Van Nuys dentist describes root canal therapy and when it is required

There are times when conditions reach the inner portion of a tooth. This inner portion, known as the canals, contain the dental pulp. The pulp is a mass of tissues that include the blood supply and nerves to a tooth which keep it “alive.” When infected, damaged, or inflamed, patients may experience a severe toothache. To treat it, many patients are encouraged to consider root canal therapy. Dr. Gohar Hovsepyan is a dentist in the community of Van Nuys who can assist with this and many other specialty procedures.

What is a root canal?

Root canal therapy, sometimes referred to as endodontic therapy, is a procedure that is performed to maintain the natural structure of the tooth and avoid extraction and replacement. Patients often choose root canal therapy as a last resort before considering permanent removal. Dr. Gohar Hovsepyan and the team are dedicated to helping patients learn about this option to avoid unnecessary extractions. During root canal therapy, the dentist accesses the inner portion of the tooth through a small hole and removes the dental pulp. The inner canals are cleaned and treated before a material called gutta percha is put in its place. The tooth is sealed with composite resin bonding and, depending on the strength of the tooth, a dental crown may be bonded on top. This may be done as well to provide an extra layer of protection for the natural tooth which may become weakened following this treatment.

Who is a candidate for root canal therapy?

Most patients are chosen for root canal therapy as an alternative to removing a tooth permanently. The procedure maintains the tooth in place and eliminates the need for extraction and replacement with bridges, dentures, or dental implants.

What are the benefits of root canal therapy?

  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • Eliminates extraction
  • Treats infection
  • Maintains the smile

Dr. Gohar Hovsepyan and the team at Viva Smile are committed to providing a variety of dental services under one roof. When Van Nuys area patients are interested in undergoing procedures such as root canal therapy, they are urged to work with a dentist in the community who has years of experience providing such treatment.
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