How to prevent Gingivitis?

How to prevent Gingivitis?

What is gingivitis?

Gingivitis is a superficial inflammation of the gum that does not involve the loss of bone support, and is characterized by the swelling and bleeding of the gums (when brushing or spontaneously) and with the change of color of the gum itself, which tends to get redder.

These changes occur as a result of an increased vascularization in the area, although this does not always happen in all patients. If not treated in time, gingivitis can get worse and turn into periodontitis in people with greater susceptibility to this disease.

How is gingivitis diagnosed?

A simple visit to the dentist is more than enough to detect the presence of inadequate levels of bacterial plaque and gum inflammation.

After this diagnosis, the individual assessment for the risk of developing more advanced diseases is essential to educate the patient, and finally, to reinforce oral hygiene instructions.

Can gingivitis be prevented?

Yes, in a very simple way. The combination of adequate daily dental hygiene – brushing your teeth for about two minutes, at least twice a day, and scheduling regular dental checkups with your Van Nuys dentist at least twice a year – along with some treatments to remove bacteria deposited within the oral cavity can all help you prevent gingivitis.

All these measures are essential to prevent the spread of this oral disease, and battle its progress in case it’s already begun. To learn more about the treatments available for you at Viva Smile Van Nuys to prevent gingivitis, feel free to contact (818) 909-0200 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Gohar Hovsepyan. We’ll all be happy to assist you!

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