Can dental fillings be used instead of undergoing root canal treatment for Van Nuys area patients?

Can dental fillings be used instead of undergoing root canal treatment for Van Nuys area patients?

Dental fillings are a common solution for cavities. Fillings are typically completed with materials such as composite resin bonding. At Viva Smile, our dentists in the Van Nuys, CA area encourage patients to utilize fillings when cavities are present. However, can they be used to avoid procedures such as root canal therapy?

To answer this question, it is important for patients to understand what root canal therapy is and its purpose. Root canal therapy is a procedure done to address an infection of the dental pulp or damage to the pulp. This may be caused by a deep cavity. The dentist will access the inner portion of the tooth canals and remove the dental pulp, then clean the canals before inserting gutta percha to seal off the tooth. The entire process can be done in one appointment when necessary.

Who is a candidate for root canal therapy?

Most patients are candidates for root canal therapy. The idea behind root canal therapy is to save the tooth structure and eliminate the need for permanent extraction of a natural, adult tooth.

Can a filling be used instead?

In most cases, no. At the point in which a patient needs root canal therapy, the tooth may be beyond repair. In fact, cavities are sometimes the reason in which a tooth requires this procedure. Cavities that are left unattended and untreated will become larger, sometimes affecting the dental pulp inside the tooth. This is why it is incredibly important to schedule regular visits with the dentist to monitor oral health and catch problems such as cavities well before they become a serious issue for the smile.

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