5 Benefits of Scheduling Regular Dental Appointments with Your Van Vuys Dentist

5 Benefits of Scheduling Regular Dental Appointments with Your Van Vuys Dentist

At Viva Smile, our team of dental professionals take the time to educate patients on the importance of visiting the dentist regularly to learn about the benefits of maintaining oral health and wellness. Dr. Gohar Hovsepyan is a dentist in Van Nuys, CA who encourages patients to visit regularly for dental visits for strong oral health and wellness and a healthy mouth!

What are the five benefits of scheduling regular dental appointments with your Van Nuys dentist?

  • Strong Bones – preventative health reduces the chances of developing problems such as periodontal disease and cavities. Additionally, during these routine visits, patients can undergo a series of x-rays to check the health of their bones.
  • Correction of Bad Habits – when patients develop issues such as periodontal disease or cavities, they may learn that these have developed due to bad oral health habits. To obtain a healthier smile, patients are encouraged to take better care of their teeth. Our Van Nuys dentist will educate patients on how to do so right in our office to correct bad habits.
  • Use of Dental Insurance Benefits – many dental insurance companies provide free or low-cost routine dental visits as part of their plans. This allows many patients to visit the dentist every six months for x-rays, cleanings, and an examination. Many of these benefits are “use it or lose it,” so it only makes sense to utilize the services you are paying for out of each paycheck.
  • Early Detection of Dental Health Concerns – when patients have routine visits with their dentist, they are able to catch problems early enough for successful intervention.
  • Prevent the Need for Long, Complex Treatments – by maintaining a healthy smile, patients can eliminate the chance of needing complex, expensive treatments that could be completely avoided with proper oral health care.

Contact the team of Viva Smile! Dr. Gohar Hovsepyan, our Van Nuys dentist, is here to help patients understand the importance of regular dental appointments. Their dental practice is located at 15333 Sherman Way, Suite M and can be reached by phone at (818) 909-0200.

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